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welcome to postcards, my love letter to the art community.

this is an edition project; supply is determined by demand. 

12 timed editions

0.05 Ξ 

2 per wallet

24 hours (unless gas gets weird, then maybe 48)

there are reward mechanics for collectors, but i'll get to that in a moment.

i started postcards for a number of reasons - to challenge some ideas in our community around scarcity, supply and demand, legacy and reward systems, artist longevity, creativity, exploration; to allow myself some freedom of expression that i felt i was holding myself back from in the years past; to play by my own rules for a change and to just have some fun with the community that i feel most myself in.

i think art should be accessible to all, and i subscribe to the concept of evangelizing a crowd. i think up only is a ridiculous myth, and i think that an artists legacy should be up to them to determine. i think sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, and i think sometimes we don't take ourselves seriously enough. i think we take the advice of others a little too often, and the advice of our own instincts a little too infrequently. i think our journeys should be ours to forge.

i'm updating this page in late april, and to date 951 postcards have been collected. while i understand that many of those purchases will have varied motivations, i am once again blown away by the support for the artist that this community continues to show. i spent many months hypothesizing every aspect of 'what if' with this collection, and although i was satisfyingly accurate in many ways, i continue to be surprised in many others. so, i just want to say thank you. you've all changed my life in various regards and i am deeply grateful for that.

i hope to bring the same value to yours, as you have to mine.

with regard to the reward mechanics - at the end of the year:

holders (all) will be entitled to one free edition claim;

holders of 3+ unique pieces will be entitled to free prints;

holders of 6+ unique pieces will be entitled to a second free edition claim;

holders of a full set of postcards will receive a few perks, but the primary one being a ticket into a drawing to win a 1 of 1 artwork from me.

i'd love to co-create that artwork with whoever wins the drawing. human connection is, i have recently come to realise, the most important thing to me, and what better way to connect than over a work of art. 



secondary market for postcards can be found here.


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