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welcome to postcards, my love letter to the art community.

in 2023 i will release 12 open editions.

once a month, for 24 hours.

at 0.05, limited to 2 per wallet.

all holders will be entitled to a free claim;

holders of 3+ unique editions will be entitled to prints;

holders of 6+ unique editions will be entitled to another free claim;

anyone that collects a full set, will be entered into a raffle.

at the end of the year, the raffle winner will receive a 1/1.

a custom, unique to you, 1/1.

so to clarify; for 0.6Ξ spread out over the course of a year, you will get 14 pieces of art (at minimum); free signed prints of each piece; and the possibility of a custom made 1/1.

i'm starting this project for a few reasons; i spent 2022 fairly anxious about playing by the 'rules' - maintaining scarcity, concerned with floors, protecting what i was taught to protect. but i didn't start making art to play by anyone's rules, so i'm making my own from now on.

accessibility; i believe that art should be accessible to all. i want my community to be able to own my art. in all shapes and sizes. this will (hopefully) mean that someone who may never have been able to buy a 1/1 from me, will get one.


also just for fun!? being an artist means being an accountant, a marketer, a curator, a creator, and a bunch of other pressures. i want to have a little fun, with my friends. 

and, because although i believe in managing scarcity, i do not believe that scarcity should rule our lives as artists. i am prolific, as an artist; i create a lot. and i don't believe that my career should be ruled by anyone's model of scarcity, other than my own. 

the beauty of an open edition in our current mechanics, is that sure - anyone can get one (provided they are in the right place at the right time) - but scarcity is already managed as part of the mechanics. once the claim is closed, that's it - no more will ever exist. high mint numbers? amazing, art spread far and wide. low mint numbers? amazing! your supporters now have a super limited edition. 

if you have concerns about my overall supply, i will say this. i believe wholeheartedly in the 'evangelize a crowd' approach, and i am choosing to use editions to do this. i want my art in the hands of hundreds, even thousands of people who connect with it. 1/1's have always been the way to collect rare digital art. that remains to be true.

there will be some additional surprises throughout, ultimately 2022 has been heavy for us all, so i'm really hoping that in 2023 we can all feel a little lighter, and have some fun.



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