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Mae is a self-taught australian artist, crafting ethereal, dreamlike landscapes using mixed digital mediums. With a palette of soft pinks and greens, Mae’s work conjures an aura of tranquillity, gently beckoning viewers into a world that is both foreign yet familiar. Mae’s landscapes are not just serene compositions; they are reflections on the intricate dance of human nature. Within each artwork lies an invitation to explore life’s delicate balance, the solace of solitude and the profound art of introspection. Speaking through a harmonious interplay of colours, forms and textures, her creations evoke feelings of nostalgia, as if drawn from a hazy dream or distant memory – at once peaceful yet slightly perplexing.


In a world where chaos often reigns, Mae’s work serves as a gentle reminder of the quiet strength and timeless beauty found in nature’s embrace. With each piece, Mae extends an invitation for all to find moments of serenity within the intricate tapestry of existence.




milan / ninfa gallery | april 2023

nyc / times square | april 2023

tokyo / wen tokyo | may 2023

sydney / working dog gallery | september 2023

belgium / ninfa x artcrush | november 2023

met ams x rik oostenbroek | november 2023

sydney / artaid x authoritycreative | july 2022

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