hi, i'm mae!

i'm a 3d artist from the east coast of australia.i spend my day job tinkering in software and almost all of my free time creating in one way or another. i've tried everything from knitting to clay sculpture; but i found my home in 3D.

I used to create and sell interior design based game assets, learning about hard surface modelling in blender along the way. but once i made the decision to move from assets to art i decided it was time to level up my technical skills and moved to cinema 4D. this move has meant incredible things for me, and has allowed me to really come back to my creative roots, exploring more abstract forms.

i have always used art as a means of escapism; with many reasons in my lifetime to desire 'someplace else', art is the perfect medium to step outside of your own mind for a moment. with 3D that 'someplace else' doesn't need to be a real place, or even a possible place - and this is where i have settled. somewhere amongst surrealism and escapism. my work is typically described as soothing, peaceful, calming. it allows the viewer the chance to come along with me for a moment, to step outside of the chaos of their own mind.

thank you for being here, i hope you find something that makes your heart sing.

game assets.
if you arrived here seeking game assets, here is everything that was ever published. no future work will be published in this space, but the link will remain as an active archive.

if you would like to get in touch with regard to collaborations or collections, please feel free to reach out on twitter @enixsta